FPS 360 Reporting

When an incident takes place on your property, you want the full story.

That’s why Force Protection Services generates an accurate and detailed 360 Incident Report every time there’s an altercation, criminal activity, or suspicious behavior. Utilizing the latest in software technology, we issue a document containing comprehensive descriptions, relevant images, and a thorough incident narrative. Our reporting system and the way we type our reports are not “Industry Standard” reports. Most companies have a hand written report that doesn’t answer all the questions the reader has, doesn’t email the client, doesn’t email multiple people within the client’s organization, doesn’t upload pictures or get all the information about the suspect, victim, witness, police, fire, ems, and vehicle info.

Our 360 reporting also tracks vehicle violations, tows we can run tag numbers for previous incidents involving the vehicle.

Here is just some of what you can expect in a typical report:

    FPS Charger Photos 024- Day Proposal

  • Detailed history on suspects/presumed guilty person(s) criminal background
  • In-depth account of field interviews
  • Arrest and booking information
  • Digital media implementation
  • Tracked criminal activity
  • Citation records
  • Mass client notification
  • And much more

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